Whit-The-Hale holds a Class 1 Federal Firearms License and offers firearm related services and products.

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What is the process for an FFL Transfer?

STEP 1 - Decide which Firearm you want to purchase next and if you need to have it shipped.
STEP 2 - Contact us so we can mail or email a copy of our license to the person or website                           that you are buying the firearm from and verify their license information.
​STEP 3 - You pay the seller of the firearm and the seller will then send the firearm to us.
STEP 4 - When we receive the firearm, we will process it and contact you letting you know it is                   ready for pickup and set up a date and time to pick it up!
STEP 5 - Show up to the appointment that we arranged with your State Issued ID. We will then                     have you fill out the ATF Form 4473 and do a NICS background check (National Instant                   Criminal Background Check System). If your state issued ID does not have your current                   address, please bring a document that reflects your current address.
STEP 6 - Once approved and all paperwork is completed, you pay us for the transfer fee and you                 leave with your brand new firearm.