Whit-The-Hale holds a Class 1 Federal Firearms License and offers firearm related services and products.

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Special Thanks to all those that do the jobs that others would never dream or dare to do.

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Discount can't combined with current promos or specials through Whit The Hale Firearms LLC or other wholesalers and manufacture discounts. Discount valid with QR code proof. Subject to be denied based on certain circumstances. 

We understand the amount of work and effort that people put into doing the jobs and tasks that others would never want to do. With that being said we want to give you a discount in recognition of your hard work. To those teachers, nurses, emt, paramedics, doctors, factory workers, accountants, IT, military and their families and all those not mentioned! Here is your discount from us here at Whit The Hale Firearms LLC!

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